Specialists in corrugated boxes and bespoke packaging for nearly 40 years

Working with our group partners, Lesters Packaging, we can offer bespoke corrugated packaging customised to meet the needs of your business. From corrugated boxes and corrugated sheet board to large format, heavy-duty cases, explore our range of solutions.


Strong but light, our octabins are perfect for the storage and distribution of bulk, loose fill products.

Pallet Boxes

Ideal for bulk storage, our pallet boxes reduce the risk of damage and lower your shipping costs.

Heavy Duty Packaging

Our heavy duty packaging is designed to provide you with extreme levels of protection.

Extra Large Cardboard Boxes

Our specialist machinery allows us to produce boxes anywhere between 10 and 22.5 m² in size.

Bike Boxes

To ensure the safe arrival of your bike, our bike boxes offer an effective, sustainable and affordable solution.

Bespoke Die Cut

Quick and easy to assemble, our bespoke die cuts don’t require glue or stitching.

Retail Ready Packaging

Retail ready packaging allows you to protect, transport and showcase products.

Removal Boxes

Our removal boxes are the ideal solution for packaging and moving personal items.

Corrugated Cartons

These corrugated cartons provide excellent protection and significant stacking strength.

pick bins

Highly stackable, our innovative folding pick bins don’t require gluing or staples.