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Best Haulage Solutions in Coventry

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Haulage is the business of transporting goods, which can be done via road or railway. The vast majority of items we use are transported through haulage, whether this be vegetables, foodstuffs, coal, clothes or other supplies. Haulage companies are responsible for dropping off these items to various locations all across the country. Find out more about our haulage solutions in Coventry in our helpful blog. 

Why is haulage important?

Haulage is one of the most important elements of any product business as this affects how your customers will receive your items, and determines how smoothly your supply chain runs. Therefore, it’s crucial you choose a haulage company that you can trust. 

Haulage solutions in Coventry

Here at Lesters Logistics, we offer specialist nationwide haulage, transport and delivery services throughout Europe and the UK. Our fleet is comprised of 3.5 tonne vehicles, 18 tonne trucks and articulated lorries. Our haulage solutions in Coventry help customers to:

  • Keep costs low
  • Maximise their storage
  • Optimise the supply chain
  • Deliver packages in mint condition

In addition to these benefits, here at Lesters Logistics we also offer:

  • Next day delivery
  • Pallet service
  • Same day delivery 
  • Contract distribution 
  • Multidrop delivery 
  • JIT deliveries 
  • Bespoke delivery 
  • Time critical delivery 

Why choose Lesters Logistics for your haulage?

Our central Nuneaton base combined with our modern fleet of quality vehicles allows us to offer 45-minute pick up times. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs as we work to the highest standards, so you won’t have to be worried whether or not your goods are delivered on time. For more information about our haulage company in Coventry, get in touch with our team now.