As part of our committed service, we can offer a stock and serve arrangement which helps optimise warehouse storage for our customers. Learn more about our packaging stock and serve options online now.

Packaging Stock and Serve Solutions

With a 22,000 square foot warehouse consisting of 1000 high rack pallet spaces, we have the facilities to stock packaging goods at our site upon agreeing a volume that suits our customers. They can then gradually call-off required packaging stock in smaller volumes, rather than receive the goods as a full delivered hit, saving vital warehouse space.

An added benefit of our packaging stock and serve service is that it allows the customer to order a higher volume of goods which can trigger price breaks and economies of scale on unit cost when ordering materials. This saving can then be passed onto our customer allowing them the advantages of batch production without having to use their warehouse space.

We can assign one of our dedicated account managers to help manage levels of stock distribution and set trigger levels to remanufacture as per your requirements to ensure you are never without packaging. We will always strive to deliver stocked goods within 48 hours.

For more information about our packaging stock and serve service, get in touch with our helpful team.