Here at Lesters Logistics, we offer a number of logistics services, providing a fast, reliable and efficient service to various locations across the UK.

Providing a customised end to end service to suit your business needs

Here at Lesters Logistics, we pride ourselves on being able to offer multiple logistics services to companies who require transportation solutions for their products. Whether your business operates from a warehouse or storage facility, or you want to know more about our pick and pack services, find out more about which products are available for transportation now.

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trANSPORT & Haulage Services

Multidrop – this type of haulage is when a courier service delivers to a number of customers on the same route. Find out how multidrop can save time, fuel and help with high demand.
General services – we offer haulage solutions on both a local and national scale, no matter where you are based within the UK.
Pallet delivery – also known as a skid, a pallet is a flat transport structure that supports goods during transportation. Learn more about how pallet delivery can benefit your business now.

Warehouse Services

Stock and serve – stock and serve services are intended to optimise warehouse storage for our customers – allowing business storage solutions for packaging and goods. Find out about the benefits of stock and serve from our dedicated guide.

Pick and pack – a pick packer, or a pick and pack service, is someone or a company who works in a warehouse – or a distribution centre – for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Find out more about if you need a pick and pack service for your business from our comprehensive guide.


If your business ships products or goods that require special care and attention, or need additional add-ons such as assembly or installation, you need a bespoke white-glove delivery specialist.

At Lesters Logistics we’re white-glove delivery specialists, and we can guarantee you peace of mind when it comes to your high-value products and ensure that your brand is represented in an appropriate manner, providing the human touch that only this type of delivery can provide.

Where we offer haulage solutions

As well as offering a wide range of different types of haulage, Lesters are proud to serve a number of locations across the UK, including: