Sltpl Pick & Pack Service

What is Stock and Serve?

What is stock and serve?

Stock and serve services are intended to optimise warehouse storage for our customers – allowing business storage solutions for packaging and goods. 

Here at Lesters, our 22,000 square-foot warehouse contains 1000 high rack pallet spaces. These facilities are utilised to stock a high volume of packaging goods, so the items can then be distributed over time in smaller volumes – saving our customers vital warehouse space.

Our stock and serve services allow you to save valuable warehouse space, as you only store the packaging you immediately need. Currently, your future stock is stored in our clean and secure warehouse, overall saving you time, money and space.

Benefits of stock control for business

Could your business benefit from using stock and serve solutions? Some of the best advantages of stock and serve include:

  • Organise your warehouse: staying on top of inventory is far easier when you have a clear stock management strategy in place. 
  • Can assess stock demand: there is no need to use up your own valuable stock storage space, and call-off stock over time. 
  • Enhance productivity: eliminate time-consuming manual processes as your stock is more efficiently organised in our warehouse. 

Why choose stock and serve at Lesters Logistics?

So, you might be sold on the idea of stock and serve – but why should you choose Lesters as your stock storage solution?

  • Customers can order a higher volume of stocks, which is beneficial to price breaks and economies of scale.
  • You can utilise the benefits of batch production without having to use warehouse space.
  • Our dedicated account managers will help you manage the levels of stock distribution, and set trigger levels to your requirements.
  • We always strive to deliver goods within 48 hours

Here at Lesters Logistics, we offer you a complete packaging solution designed to suit your specific business needs. Our years of experience in the logistics and transport business combined with our centralised location allows your goods to be delivered speedily and efficiently. We offer competitive lead times throughout all UK locations, and aim to maximise storage space while optimising the supply chain. If you are interested in our stock and serve services, get in touch with our helpful team today.