Best Haulage Solutions in Gloucester

Lesters Delivery Fleet

Here at Lesters Logistics, we offer nationwide haulage, delivery and transport services across the UK and Europe. Our expansive fleet includes 18 tonne trucks, 3.5 tonne vehicles, as well as articulated lorries. Whether you need to move a single parcel or industrial machinery, put your trust in Lesters Logistics.  What is haulage? So, what exactly […]

Best Haulage Solutions in Coventry

Lesters Transport & Logistics

Haulage is the business of transporting goods, which can be done via road or railway. The vast majority of items we use are transported through haulage, whether this be vegetables, foodstuffs, coal, clothes or other supplies. Haulage companies are responsible for dropping off these items to various locations all across the country. Find out more about our […]

Best Haulage Solutions in Manchester

Lesters Delivery Fleet

Haulage is vital for all trade – without a reliable supply chain transporting goods, businesses would not be able to provide their supplies, services, and products on time. Find out more about our haulage services in Manchester in our helpful blog.  What is haulage? Haulage is when goods are transported by road or railway, so having […]

Best Haulage Solutions Leeds

Lesters Transport & Logistics

They say: ‘money makes the world go round’, but we would disagree. Haulage makes the world go round! Without a reliable supply chain transporting goods, businesses would not be able to provide their products, services and supplies on time. Find out more about our haulage services in our helpful blog.   What is haulage? Haulage is the […]

How Brexit is affecting storage in the UK.

S L Packaging & Transport Ltd

Like many other sectors in the UK, the storage and transportation sector has been hit hard by Brexit. The most recent Business insights and impact on the UK economy report revealed that the transportation and storage industry was among the lowest of businesses fully trading, at 64%. The combination of Brexit with the recent pandemic has […]

What is Stock and Serve?

Sltpl Pick & Pack Service

What is stock and serve? Stock and serve services are intended to optimise warehouse storage for our customers – allowing business storage solutions for packaging and goods.  Here at Lesters, our 22,000 square-foot warehouse contains 1000 high rack pallet spaces. These facilities are utilised to stock a high volume of packaging goods, so the items […]

What is haulage? Lesters Logistics

Lesters Delivery Fleet

What is haulage? Here at Lesters Logistics, we specialise in both transport and haulage. With a central location and a modern fleet of vehicles, we can speedily cater to your needs. Our fleet of freight transport vehicles are available for same day and multi-drop deliveries, in the UK and Europe. So, what exactly is haulage? Haulage […]

What Do Transportation Companies Do?

S L Packaging & Transport Transport Fleet

What is a transport company and what do they do? Our informative guide answers these questions and looks at the benefits of hiring a transportation company over shipping products yourself.  What is a transport company? Transport companies are predominantly concerned with the movement of goods and people. As an industry, it is a subgroup of […]

Fixed Price Pallet Storage.

Sltpl Pick & Pack Service

If you’ve got pallets to store you may have noticed that it’s become increasingly difficult to find suitable storage space. That’s because the UK is currently experiencing a unique combination of Brexit and Lockdown, which has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of goods being stored. This has undoubtedly led to a reduction […]