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Pallets vs Crates: What is the difference?

When transporting and storing cargo, pallets and crates are used as the appropriate packaging solution for the successful logistics of goods. But what exactly are they and what is the difference between them? Learn all you need to know in our simple guide.

What is a pallet?

A pallet is used in freight transport. It is a flat structure, typically made out of wood, that is central for the efficient handling, movement and storage of goods in a warehouse and across the logistics network.

Advantages of pallets

There are many advantages to using pallets, including:

  • Easier to move due to their lighter structure, minimising injury risks
  • Durable and sturdy, great for transporting heavy loads
  • Versatile and reusable, suitable for shipping a wide range of goods

What is a crate?

A crate is an enclosed box made of a solid structure, typically plastic, wood or metal, designed to protect fragile or high-value goods. There are different variations of crates available that are used for different requirements such as frame crates, that provide the ventilation needed when transporting fresh produce.

Advantages of crates

There are many advantages of using crates, which include:

  • Greater protection and security due to the enclosed structure
  • Ideal for shipping goods that require more safety, such as electronics
  • Bigger in size, great for holding larger volumes of goods

What is the difference between them?

When looking at the differences between a pallet and a crate, it is important to consider the type of good it will be used for. This includes the level of security and protection needed, the volume and budget.

In general, pallets are cheaper than crates because they are made up of less material. They can be used to move goods across the warehouse more efficiently and are more versatile is nature.

Crates are more expensive than pallets, though they offer more security for fragile goods or high-value shipments. The sturdy enclosed structure of crates are available in various sizes, which allows them to hold a higher volume of goods during shipping and transportation.

Why choose Lesters Logistics?

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