Do you need to transport dangerous and hazardous waste?

At Lesters Logistics, we offer a full ADR delivery service, whatever the size of your business or the business sector you’re in.

Find out more below about how Lesters Logistics can help you.

ensuring the safe transportation of your
dangerous & hazardous materials


what is adr delivery?

ADR delivery is transportation of hazardous and dangerous goods. Whether it’s chemicals, gases, poisons or corrosive elements, these types of goods require a specialist delivery service to ensure of their safe transportation.

At Lesters Logistics, our staff and vehicles are fully-ADR certified.

how we do it

At Lesters Logistics, we specialise in the safe transportation and delivery of hazardous goods and waste that have specific regulations for collection, handling, loading, and unloading. All ADR deliveries are handled by our specialist ADR-certified drivers and team.

By following our strict processes, we make safety the number 1 priority when handling hazardous freight, and always ensure that your delivery is being handled correctly.

  • Our drivers are fully ADR-accredited.
  • Our vehicles are fully ADR-compliant.
  • All vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems.

delivering for your business

We provide a specialist solution for the safe delivery of gases, chemicals, poisons, corrosives, and flammable materials, as well as other dangerous goods and by-products. Thanks to our designated, specialist team we offer a reliable and secure delivery solution for your dangerous goods and waste across the UK.