Cardboard boxes on a conveyor belt at a third party logistics warehouse.

What is the difference between pallet shipping and parcel shipping?

For many businesses, deciding which shipping preference is right for their specific requirements comes down to two options:

  • Pallet shipping
  • Parcel shipping

Though they are similar, there are some differences you may need to be aware of before making a decision. Our guide simplifies the differences between pallet shipping and parcel shipping.

What is pallet shipping?

Pallets are used to transport goods in bulk. They are particularly useful when transporting multiple packages at the same time, to the same location, and often require a forklift to be moved around a warehouse or fulfilment centre.

Advantages of pallet shipping

There are many advantages of pallet shipping, including:

  • Fewer checkpoints and reduced manual handling
  • Less risk of damage or loss
  • Packaged securely
  • Moved carefully within a warehouse or a fulfilment centre
  • Sturdy and versatile, can be used for more than one thing

What is parcel shipping?

Parcels are smaller in size and are often a lot lighter. They are securely packaged, with protective packaging and are labelled. Parcels can be easily moved on conveyer belts and lifted without assistance – typically shipped with a number of couriers depending on the size and weight limits.

Advantages of parcel shipping

The advantages of parcel shipping include:

  • Tracking is easier compared to larger goods
  • More courier and delivery options
  • Reduced loading and unloading times making it a quicker process overall

Which one should I choose?

This decision comes entirely down to the size of your business, the products you sell, as well the needs of the customer. For smaller businesses, shipping lighter goods more frequently may benefit from parcel shipping. For businesses operating on a larger scale, having to ship a large quantity of goods to the same location, pallet shipping would be a better option.

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