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Top tips for a sustainable warehouse

What is a sustainable warehouse?

Many businesses are taking the approach to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint in relation to their supply chains, why should sustainability end there?

A warehouse provides an even greater opportunity to go green. The concept of a sustainable warehouse refers to the safe storage of goods that protects the environment and reduces as much pollution as possible.

So, how can you incorporate a sustainable warehouse into your supply chain? Take a look at our top tips to learn more.

Top tips for a sustainable warehouse

Reduce Waste

Warehouses are a hub for different types of packaging materials that can often get overlooked. Aim to reduce waste by reusing or recycling packaging as much as possible. We recommend implementing a strategy to keep packaging separated by type and use to help make your warehouse more efficient.

Consider Location

The location of your warehouse is important to achieving sustainability. Warehouses that are located closer to distributers and customers means reduced travel times and fuel emissions. The less transport needed, the more sustainable the logistics.

Use of Automation

As many warehouses are phasing in the use of automated machinery, this means fewer pollutions gases will be emitted from vehicles that use combustion engines. Making the switch to automated forklifts and other handling equipment will not only provide a safer environment, but greater efficiency too.

Energy Efficiency

Investing in more energy efficient equipment is one of the easiest ways to make your warehouse more sustainable. Reduce energy consumption and costs by installing LED lighting and using sensors that regulate lighting or turn on when activity is detected.

For larger companies or warehouses, consider using solar panels as a source of renewable energy. This investment can significantly increase the sustainability of your warehouse and has widespread usage across a variety of other sectors.

How can Lesters Logistics help?

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