How to make your logistics company more sustainable

What is meant by sustainable logistics?

Sustainable logistics refers to the reduction of emissions and pollution throughout the entire supply chain to help reduce the impact to the overall environment.

From noise pollution, carbon footprint and fuel emissions – making the switch from a traditional logistics process to a more sustainable one can also increase efficiency overall.

Fundamentals of ‘Green Logistics’

The key to turning your logistics ‘green’, is by outlining the core values of your business and how you can achieve the same results, but with a more ethical and sustainable approach.

There are, however, fundamental initiatives all business can start with. This includes:

How to make your logistics company more sustainable

Map out your supply chain

Mapping out your supply chain from start to finish can help to identify any issues or challenges present that prevent your logistics from being sustainable. Having a better understanding of what each stage of your supply chain entails can make it easier to target areas to begin implementing your sustainability strategy.

Set standards for your suppliers

For businesses outsourcing their logistics, having values that align can help to achieve your sustainability goals. Committing to only working with suppliers or 3PLs who meet your criteria is crucial to maintaining your businesses ethical standards.

Measure your sustainability goals

Whichever methods you use to improve the sustainability of your supply chain and logistics, measuring the outcomes can help to see if you are meeting your sustainability goals. Without measuring consistently, it will be difficult to know if your sustainability initiatives are achieving the expected outcomes.

Whether you are committed to reducing your transport emissions by a particular percentage over a set timeframe or set sustainability specific standards with your chosen suppliers to evaluate the results periodically – measuring these goals can help you track progress and identify any areas of improvement to change your strategy accordingly. Some of the ways you can measure the sustainability performance of your logistics can include, monitoring CO2 emissions, checking the amount of reusable packaging used and transport efficiency of your suppliers or 3PLs.

How Lesters Logistics can help

Here at Lesters, we are experts in providing storage, packaging and haulage solutions across the UK. Our central location allows us to provide efficient delivery services to help reduce emissions.

We are also able to provide sustainable packaging solutions through our sister company Lesters Packaging. For more information get in touch with our helpful team today.