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How to choose the right warehousing and storage facility for your business

Choosing a warehousing storage facility can be crucial to your business’s logistics operations. The right storage solution space can help ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible and should be considered strategically. Selecting the right warehousing storage facility should be based on the key aspects of your operational needs such as logistics and transportation, physical goods and employees. The right warehouse facility for your business should be able to adapt as your business expands and changes, whilst still remaining as an essential link for an effective supply chain.

We have outlined the key points you should consider when choosing the right warehousing storage facility for your business.

Location, Location, Location

Your warehouse storage facility should increase the efficiency and operations of your logistics and supply chain overall. The location will impact the flow of goods that are delivered and how much this may cost. A centralised warehouse storage facility is the ideal location with fast and efficient transport links nearby such as a motorway will provide you quick access to routes across the UK. If your good are shipped worldwide, you want to consider a location that is close to a port.

Expansion and growth

Consider the space when selecting a warehouse storage facility, as it is vital your warehouse has the capacity for your goods and material for the present and any potential expansion or growth of your business. A full comprehensive assessment of your current and future warehousing expectations should be conducted, so that your premise is not limited or requires any major alterations and modifications in the long-run which can slow down your supply chain.

Workplace safety

Your employees are a fundamental part of the smooth running of your warehousing and logistics operations. The environment they work in should reflect this. Ensuring your warehouse storage facility enables efficient and safe workstations for all employees to increase employee satisfaction and operational activity will help to optimise your supply chain overall.

Safety and security

Whilst location and layout are important, selecting the right warehouse storage facility involves trusting a warehouse provider with the safety and security of your goods. A security audit should be undertaken so that the security of your warehouse aligns with your business needs.

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