Sltpl Pick & Pack Service

What is a pick packer?

A pick packer, or a pick and pack service, is someone or a company who works in a warehouse – or a distribution centre – for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Typically, the role of a pick and packer would be to pick out items from around the warehouse which are required to fulfil orders on the ‘picking slip’.

Once the items have been picked, the ‘pack’ element is then initiated – relating to packing up the order once it’s complete, and shipping this package to its intended destination. The main purpose of pick and pack services in warehouses is to create a seamless, streamlined process which effectively manages warehouse inventories, and delivers a smooth execution for orders. If demonstrated successfully, this then leads to a high quality of customer service for business’ orders.

How to pick and pack in a warehouse.

In most cases, working in a pick and pack warehouse is as relatively simple as picking the items which are needed for dispatch, and then packing the items which are required to fill the ‘picking slip. As a business owner who has employed a pick and pack service for their business needs, you are in charge of how the operation is executed – and ensuring that the high quality of accuracy, care and delivery times is being met to provide customer satisfaction.

Do I need a pick and pack service for my business?

In order to assess whether your business would benefit from hiring a pick and pack service, such as Lesters Logistics, it’s important to address a few considerations first:

  • Demand – how high is the demand of your customer base? If this is relatively high, it’s likely you’ll benefit from a pick and pack service.
  • Location – does your business operate to multiple locations, and could benefit from a more professional transport service?
  • Cost – pick and pack services come at a cost, so it’s important to consider whether the profit of your company will cope with this extra expense for your packaging needs.

However, the benefits of pick and pack services are also important to consider in this decision, too:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction – speedy deliveries, excellent service and safe transition of products is an expectation of customers in the modern day – so by using a pick and pack service, you would be guaranteeing this.
  • Reducing cost to the business – although there would be a cost to this service, pick and packing is likely to save your business money by alleviating the ‘middle-man’, and preventing product waste due to an efficient service.
  • Streamline business operations – pick and packing services can help you to streamline your order fulfilment services by having complete control over the process, allowing you to decide on the more effective operational procedures for your warehouse.

Pick and pack services at Lesters Logistics.

Providing a reliable pick and pack service from a third party provider, our pick and pack services here at Lesters Logistics are the perfect choice to cater to your business needs. Offering high levels of customer service and working to the highest standards to help you achieve your business goals, we’re here to help fulfil your requirements.

Additionally, by incorporating extra services to your pick and pack service, such as relabelling, palletisation and shrink wrapping, we can provide a seamless operation – alleviating hassle for you, and providing a high quality experience for your customers. Get in contact with a member of our helpful team today to learn more about our pick and pack services.