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What is haulage? Lesters Logistics

What is haulage?

Here at Lesters Logistics, we specialise in both transport and haulage. With a central location and a modern fleet of vehicles, we can speedily cater to your needs. Our fleet of freight transport vehicles are available for same day and multi-drop deliveries, in the UK and Europe.

So, what exactly is haulage?

Haulage is the process of transporting goods commercially – this can be done by road or by railway. There are two main categories of haulage, these are:

  • Carrier haulage: this is when a shipping company takes responsibility for the transport of a container. 
  • Merchant haulage: this is the process of moving the container. This is done by a consignee, a specified haulage contractor. 

Why do companies need haulage services?

You may be in a business where you need to transport a large bulk of products to various locations – this could be different foods, outdoor supplies or much more. Haulage is essential in ensuring your customers receive their products effectively and safely. 

Why use Lesters Logistics for haulage?

When you’re in need of haulage services, there are plenty of reasons to choose us:

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Pallet Service
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Bespoke Delivery
  • Time Critical Delivery
  • Contract Distribution

Our service is created to help our customers maximise their supply chain and storage space – by doing so, we keep your costs low. We offer a professional service, as a freight forwarding company, and each pallet is handled with the best care. Our services include same day and multi drop deliveries as well as JIT and Kanban deliveries. We also have knowledge in offering logistics throughout Europe, and can offer this service competitively.

Our multi-drop delivery service is good for companies who have various individual deliveries to be dropped on a daily basis. We take care of your distribution requirements and promise to deliver your good safely and on time. 

Here at Lester Logistics, we also offer services which can be tailored to your specific needs. Not only do we cover the whole of the UK and Europe – we also specialise in exemplar service by working to the highest standards. If you would like to know more about our haulage and transport services, why not contact our helpful team?