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White Glove Delivery Service from Lesters Logistics

If your business ships products or goods that require special care and attention, or need additional add-ons such as assembly or installation, you need our bespoke white glove delivery service.

At Lesters Logistics we’re white-glove delivery specialists, and we can guarantee you peace of mind when it comes to your high-value products and ensure that your brand is represented in an appropriate manner, providing the human touch that only this type of delivery can provide.

Lesters Logistics Modern Vehicle fleet can provide an outstanding white glove delivery service
Lesters Logistics newest addition to the delivery fleet.

What is a white glove delivery service?

White glove delivery describes a service that goes above and beyond the usual delivery service to provide something more bespoke and personalised. Your products may be large, bulky, or expensive and may require more care and attention than standard products due to their fragility. Our white glove delivery experts are highly trained and fully equipped with the ability to install and assemble your product on-site. 

Depending on your requirements, our white glove delivery services can include:

  • Inspections: your white glove delivery may require pre and post site inspections before assembling the shipped product. We can scope out the delivery location to make sure everything will run smoothly.
  • Delicate handling: At Lesters Logistics, we recognise you’re your shipment is valuable, so we treat it with extreme care throughout the whole shipping, delivery and set up process. Our drivers are trained to handle your product’s unique needs and take all special considerations into account.
  • Safe, clean transportation: Our modern vehicle fleet means that you can rely on your products arriving at their destination in pristine condition. 
  • Attentive service: Our white glove delivery team are trained to deliver your goods promptly and safely. We’re also on hand throughout the process to answer any queries or deal with any issues that may arise during your shipment.
  • Product assembly: Our white glove specialists will deliver your goods or product to their destination, then unload and install it in a safe, appropriate manner. 

The Benefits of Our Service

Why use Lesters Logistics white glove delivery services? Because when you work with us you receive –

  • Outstanding customer service: Delivering your product is our top priority. We provide you with a delivery schedule, guaranteed delivery times and a single point of contact.
  • Reduced damage: We take care of your products from the start right to the very end of their journey, ensuring your shipment is kept safe throughout processing and delivery.
  • Peace of mind: Your products are expensive and valuable, and at Lesters Logistics we recognise that. We give you peace of mind that your shipment will be safe, handling all the logistics of your delivery, leaving you free to concentrate on other things.
  • Environmental consciousness: We make sure to schedule deliveries carefully, reducing the need for unnecessary journeys and making sure we reduce the impact on the environment. 
  • Reliable service: Our trained delivery drivers not only handle your products with care but provide you with regular updates and tracking information, making sure you know when your shipment is expected and where it is throughout each step of the process.

To find out more about how Lesters Logistics white glove delivery service can help your business by providing fully guaranteed, on-time deliveries that give you confidence and peace of mind, get in touch today